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Traveling is a Game

By Lauren Selman and Tina Hittenberger  | Bio

One of the most inspiring things here [at the Olympics in Vancouver] is the sustained camaraderie of ALL the athletes.We have been here eleven days and the demonstration of humanity has not waivered once. I am continuously stunned by the respect, courtesy and admiration that transcends national boundaries, religious differences and historic animosities. This code of sportsmanship and honor encompasses more than just the

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We Run Green: Do YOU?

By Lauren Selman | Bio

Do you want to get lean while
staying green? Whether you’re a runner, a competitive cyclist, a
recreational yogi or a vacation skier, there might be a more
sustainable way for you to exercise. 

Recently, I was inspired by LuluLemon’s blog posts considering not only what we wear on our bodies but also how
we wear our clothing. The author of the blog, challenged herself to
dress for both work and for working out with only two bottoms to choose

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