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6 Secrets to Help Seniors Enhance Their Health and Happiness by Jason Lewis

As we get older, we tend to feel a little less in control of our lives. It seems harder to stay healthy, but making an effort to control your physical and mental health is the best way to have an immense impact on the quality of your overall wellness. To bring balance and benefits to your life, work these healthy practices into your routine:

Stay on Top of Your Healthcare

It’s inevitable: the older we get, the more we’ll need to visit the doctor, both because our aging bodies

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Love Personified

By Shae Hadden

In honor of Valentine’s Day….

Love is.

Regardless of what life presents,
this Love moves with grace through
time and space,
disclosing through thoughts and
the essence of what is
and who we really are,
embracing it all
wholeheartedly with acceptance and

The boundaries of Love 
are undefined,

Love is

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A Woman’s Perspective: Why Sex is Better as an Elder

By Elizabeth Brown

  1.  We’ve already experienced what works and doesn’t work for us regarding sex. And now we know it is about passion, trust and playfulness…and an expressed intimacy.
  2. Sex becomes a sacred expression of our body and our soul. It takes maturity to know the two bring a satisfaction unsurpassed in being fully expressed and joyful.
  3. We listen, with pleasure, from a desire to know and satisfy our partner.
  4. It is easier to be playful and open to

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Holiday Travels & H1N1

Here are some helpful tips for travelling this holiday season:

Review international policies. Some countries do screenings and exams at airports, and can quarantine passengers in a hospital or hotel chosen by the government for up to 7 days. Around the holidays, screening procedures (including filling out questionnaires and having your temperature taken) could cause significant delays. At the moment, neither the U.S. nor Canada screen incoming travellers

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Health is a Function of Participation

By Jim Selman | Bio

I remember this phrase from the est training in the 1970s. It was one of the maxims the people received at the end of the program in ‘the little book of aphorisms’. This booklet was filled with Werner Erhard’s insights on life and basically reinforced the idea that ‘this is it’—life is what it is and reality doesn’t care what we think. The point was to stop being victims and ‘make a difference’. It was a great experience for hundreds of thousands of folks looking

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Our Food and Health: At the Tipping Point

By Sharon Knoll | Bio

“I am not an optimist because I am
not sure everything ends well. Nor am I a pessimist because I am not sure
everything ends badly. I carry hope in my heart.”


I come from generations of food growers. And it is clear to
me that eating is one of the most intimate of actions. We take into ourselves
the whole of the plant or animal, including the environment in which it was
raised and killed. We take in the work and the well-being, or lack

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The Importance of Sandcastles

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Friends and family have been stressing the importance of taking vacations with me for years. I have somewhat deliberately avoided the conversation as much as possible until now. End result: a lifetime of little travel, lots of work and limited ‘fun’. All work and no play makes for a dull life. I’ve been beginning to wonder if perhaps I am afraid of taking vacations…for every time I think about it, my concerns about all the things that are remaining ‘undone’

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Slowing Down

The July 4th long weekend is coming to a close, but we don’t have to limit our enjoyment of life to these hours when we have ‘time off’ work. Steve Goldberg over at Upside to the Downturn published the following poem, a timely reminder to savor life as it happens.

Slow Dance

By David L. Weatherford

Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round,
or listened to rain slapping the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight,
or gazed at the sun fading into the night?

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