Traveling is a Game

By Lauren Selman and Tina Hittenberger  | Bio

One of the most inspiring things here [at the Olympics in Vancouver] is the sustained camaraderie of ALL the athletes.We have been here eleven days and the demonstration of humanity has not waivered once. I am continuously stunned by the respect, courtesy and admiration that transcends national boundaries, religious differences and historic animosities. This code of sportsmanship and honor encompasses more than just the sport.

As for those that are not the elite athletes in the spotlight, politeness and patience is the norm. The city is filled with ordinary people just aching to be helpful. If Olympus was the mythic home of the gods, somehow every individual we meet has been blessed with a little of their splendor.

I am also in awe of the OLYMPIC TRUCE which I knew little about prior to our visit. It is a simple declaration: all competing countries cease fighting during the duration of games. It is an extraordinary thing when you think that there IS the possibility of peace just around the corner.

This is intense and focused and an utterly remarkable place to be.

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