Don’t Take DeBait

hdAs we approach the upcoming first debate between Hillary and Donald, few expect much beyond more spectacle and another news cycle in this already tedious media frenzy that is revealing the dark side of our collective consciousness just about everyplace we look.

We can see the unbelievable shallowness and hypocrisy in the media. We’ve become trapped between propaganda machines, cynical exploitation of psychopathic ranting or manufactured partisan scandals that would garner little more than a ‘time-out’ on the playground if we were as disciplined as our children.  Moreover, people are either walking on eggshells for fear of starting yet another ideological pissing-contest or righteously predicting the end of the world if the ‘other’ side wins.

So much for democracy and the wisdom of the electorate.

What I predict is that Monday’s debate will be won or lost on Hillary’s ability to not get ‘baited’ by Donald and sucked into a name-calling contest or become defensive.  I hope she’ll just be as Presidential as possible and not sink to the level of her opponent.  I once learned that the only thing worse than being crazy is arguing with a crazy person or trying to make sense out of something that is nonsensical.

We get what we resist.

Sometimes things are not political even if the politicians are stirring the fire.  For example, racism isn’t about Left or Right, it is a moral issue – not policy.  Consistent lying in the face of factual evidence isn’t a strategy, it says something about a persons inability to distinguish truth from fiction or blatant disregard for who is listening.

America and the world are facing many intractable problems that threaten our way of life as we know it and the possibility of a more positive future for billions of human beings working to have a better life.  What is needed is leadership, not grandstanding and not short term opportunism.  I can understand that power is seductive, but we’ve also had leaders whose vision, commitment and integrity allowed them to rise above the game and show a level of statesmanship and character worthy of those they lead.

Who ever we vote for will more a reflection of who we are as individuals and as a society than it does about the candidates.

Our leaders are a mirror reflection of us an visa versa.


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