We Run Green: Do YOU?

By Lauren Selman | Bio

Do you want to get lean while
staying green? Whether you’re a runner, a competitive cyclist, a
recreational yogi or a vacation skier, there might be a more
sustainable way for you to exercise. 

Recently, I was inspired by LuluLemon’s blog posts considering not only what we wear on our bodies but also how
we wear our clothing. The author of the blog, challenged herself to
dress for both work and for working out with only two bottoms to choose
from for the entire month. The message was clear: you can minimize your
impact by altering your habits. In short, it got me thinking, well, how
sustainable are we when we work out? 

 Hi, I’m Lauren Selman and
starting today, February 1, 2010, Tracy Hepler of Your Daily Thread and
I are challenging ourselves to train for the LA Marathon as sustainably
as possible. From what we put on our feet to what we eat for breakfast,
we are going to be reviewing, researching and reporting back to you on
how to train and sustain the planet. 

We want to know, with all of
the cute eco-outfits out there, what are the best sustainable apparel
alternatives to wear while we sweat? What are the best organic bars and
energy sources? Are there good green shoes that are performance-ready?
What’s the optimum way to hydrate without using water stations?  And
with the Vancouver Olympics just a breath away, what are Olympians
doing to care for the environment? 

For the next two months, we
will sweat for sustainability to find out what we can do while we work
out to do our part. Keep up with us here on Mondays for the latest from
the training room. We Run Green. Do you?

2010 Lauren Selman. All rights reserved.