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2015 – Have We Hit Bottom Yet?


It’s now the time of year when everyone seems to be doing recaps of what happened in 2015 and making resolutions or predictions for 2016. I usually like these efforts and look forward to being reminded of all that has occurred and the speculations of what lay ahead. This year, however, is different. Our challenge and my message is that if we’re going to have next year be better than this one, we need to get beyond thinking in terms of a ‘good year’ or a ‘bad year’ and

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Trump and the Tar-Baby Metaphor


In Joel Chandler Harris’ Uncle Remus stories, Br’er Fox strikes out when his plan to catch Br’er Rabbit using the “Tar-Baby” backfires. Instead, the “clever” fox traps himself in what he’d created to the point of being totally stuck in a situation from which he cannot free himself, preventing any move that doesn’t worsen the situation. This seems to me an apt metaphor for what’s playing out in the Republican Primary race and America’s

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For some reason I have been feeling acutely connected to people I am encountering these days. In addition to my friends, family and others I know, I am observing all sorts of people – on the street, providing services, working in stores. It is as though I am more ‘present’ to them individually, and more conscious of who people are and the uniqueness of each one’s lives. We all are in pretty much the same soup — working, raising families, dealing with problems, dreaming, and dealing

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The Next 10 Years

EI 1006

Another year. This year’s resolutions looked pretty much the same as last year and the year before that so I’ve resolved to stop making New Year’s resolutions. Nonetheless the year-end (or beginning) is a time that calls for taking stock and reflecting on the past and the future. This year the big questions for me have to do with the next 10 years.

I have laughed a lot about how easily I can fall into making just about anything significant. I even made

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Love is…..

EI 1007

By Jim Selman | Bio

Love is, I think, the most universal and central aspect to our experience as human beings. In much of our music, literature, popular culture and day-to-day life there is no other topic that even comes close. Yet, love for most of us remains a mystery — something that we all about without any consensus as to what love really is.

Not long ago, I was facilitating a meeting of top executives in a food company in the Ukraine. They were working on the question of ‘why’

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Is Peace Enough?

By Shae Hadden

In every moment, all possibilities are happening:

  • birth, rebirth, death
  • love, fear
  • war, peace
  • compassion, hate
  • trust, distrust
  • harmony, conflict
  • poverty, wealth
  • starvation, obesity
  • disease, health
  • beauty, toxic waste
  • wisdom, folly
  • youth, adulthood, elderhood
  • creation, destruction

And so on….

Opposing forces are constantly in dynamic motion, striving for balance and harmony.

When 99.99% of human beings all desire the same things (to live peacefully, feed their families and enjoy life’s abundance), it is no longer enough for us to simply strive for peace.

In these challenging times, we need to transform the entire dance of creation and destruction.

More later on why peace may not be enough….

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Understanding Money as Debt

There are innumerable expert opinions available these days about solutions to our current economic crisis. But are those solutions just band-aid solutions? How did we get here? What is money at its root? What are the problems with interest?

Money As Debt offers a different perspective on the basic principles of the current financial system. Watch the full 80-minute Promises Unleashed series online to better understand the historical

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Boundaries: Choosing Change

By Jim Selman | Bio

We’ve all experienced a situation—whether in a marriage, friendship or business relationship—where we find ourselves thinking about the other person and saying, “I love you, BUT…”. It’s in that moment we realize a particular behavior of theirs is not acceptable to us and has become a source of stress and resentment. For many, resentment almost always leads to a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior and the eventual destruction of the relationship.

I was coaching a friend recently who is in such a dilemma. She is and always has been the primary breadwinner in her marriage. Her husband is a charming, lovable, creative man who is prone to spending binges whenever he is traveling or working on various short-term projects. This usually leads to an ‘explosive’ encounter when the credit card bills arrive. These angry eruptions are followed by his characteristic pattern of apologies, remorse and promises followed by feelings

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Online Gossip: Push it Back

By Jim Selman | Bio

Yesterday I received yet another of those ‘big lettered’ alarms about how appalled someone or another is about some left-wing motivated travesty against America, our troops and/or God. This one was about how the words “So Help Me God” were intentionally deleted from Roosevelt’s ‘Day of Infamy’ inscription on his Memorial in Washington D.C. About 30 seconds on Google and the facts are that this “eRumor

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