“The Eldering Journal is a timely and brilliantly crafted contribution to anyone and everyone who has come of age and has the courage to see the beauty of elderhood in today’s world. Jim Selman and Shae Hadden have designed a process to take you on a journey that will nourish and deepen your soul. Beautifully designed and written with wisdom and clarity, this book is an exquisite tool for all of us in the Baby Boomer generation who love introspection and wish to continue to make a difference with our lives until our last breath.”

– Lynne Twist, Author of The Soul of Money

“The Eldering Journal is an exciting and creative way to look at one’s life. It is useful today. It inspires a satisfying and productive tomorrow. And it provokes thinking and action that can transform the future. The perfect gift for the down to earth visionaries.”

– Dan Miller, Author of Look with the Heart

“I often find myself looking at my two beautiful daughters and realizing that there is truly nothing like having children to mark the passage of time. Time seems to simultaneously speed up and become increasingly limited. Taking the time to step back, reflect and think about both the past and the future becomes increasingly challenging. The Eldering Journal provides us with a wonderful guide for our inquiries and a compelling, valuable focusing tool for daily reflections and meditation.”

-Charles Holmes, Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education

The Eldering Journal “is the first tool available that really helps us transform our resignation about growing older into excitement about creating the rest of our lives. Anyone who is not looking forward to their future should use this process as an opportunity to examine their beliefs and habits, discover new meaning and open up exciting possibilities for living life more fully.”

-Joanne Black, Former Senior VP American Express and Mastercard

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