A Woman’s Perspective: Why Sex is Better as an Elder

By Elizabeth Brown

  1.  We’ve already experienced what works and doesn’t work for us regarding sex. And now we know it is about passion, trust and playfulness…and an expressed intimacy.
  2. Sex becomes a sacred expression of our body and our soul. It takes maturity to know the two bring a satisfaction unsurpassed in being fully expressed and joyful.
  3. We listen, with pleasure, from a desire to know and satisfy our partner.
  4. It is easier to be playful and open to new opportunities. Now, with the wisdom of life, we are completely and desirably vulnerable to each other.
  5. Touching and exploring become the path to a deeper awareness of each other. Touching nurtures and heals. Exploring opens gates to sharing new found sensual and sacred intimacy.
  6. Our bodies always remember when we were the most sexually expressed. So we can be 80 and still have the sexual expression of being 40. This is the time for patience and playfulness.
  7. As an Elder, we’ve learned how to love loving and we know it is the beautiful dance of life. 
© 2010 Elizabeth Brown. All rights reserved.