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A Woman’s Perspective: Why Sex is Better as an Elder

By Elizabeth Brown

  1.  We’ve already experienced what works and doesn’t work for us regarding sex. And now we know it is about passion, trust and playfulness…and an expressed intimacy.
  2. Sex becomes a sacred expression of our body and our soul. It takes maturity to know the two bring a satisfaction unsurpassed in being fully expressed and joyful.
  3. We listen, with pleasure, from a desire to know and satisfy our partner.
  4. It is easier to be playful and open to

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Too Late Smart

By Irene Noble

Admittedly my vision of my granddaughter
is somewhat impaired by my love for her, but for the life of me I fail
to understand how she became so wise so soon. We are
both an only child, both raised by a single parent (a father for her,
and a mother for me). We share a “jack of all trades” DNA. I watch her
now as she, like my younger self, slightly out of focus, tries her
wings. Like a hummingbird sampling nectars looking for the

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Nature and the Human Soul

Bill Plotkin’s latest book, Nature and the Human Soul, offers a
model for human development rooted in the natural world. Calling on the
stories of elders Thomas Berry and Joanna Macy, Plotkin
evokes a strong sense of a lack of maturity in a culture dominated by
adolescent desires and habits.

In this book, this pyschologist, ecotherapist and wilderness guide defines eight stages of life–Innocent, Explorer, Thespian, Wanderer, Soul Apprentice, Artisan, Master and Sage. Plotkin leads the

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Riverboats and Bone Yards III

By Stu Whitley

This is third in a five-part series.

It is inevitable that the pressures of the past that are felt by the present have to be contained in some sort of manageable context. Life must be worth living.

Gazing upward to the crumbling decks of
those forlorn leviathans from my canoe on the Yukon River, I wondered
about the men who worked those paddlewheel steamers. Back-breaking work
it must have been to feed those enormous furnaces. Even the ship’s
wheel needed to be six feet across to achieve the mechanical advantage
necessary to turn the fat twin rudders under the paddlewheel. It must
have required Herculean

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