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Holiday Travels & H1N1

Here are some helpful tips for travelling this holiday season:

Review international policies. Some countries do screenings and exams at airports, and can quarantine passengers in a hospital or hotel chosen by the government for up to 7 days. Around the holidays, screening procedures (including filling out questionnaires and having your temperature taken) could cause significant delays. At the moment, neither the U.S. nor Canada screen incoming travellers

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The Importance of Sandcastles

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Friends and family have been stressing the importance of taking vacations with me for years. I have somewhat deliberately avoided the conversation as much as possible until now. End result: a lifetime of little travel, lots of work and limited ‘fun’. All work and no play makes for a dull life. I’ve been beginning to wonder if perhaps I am afraid of taking vacations…for every time I think about it, my concerns about all the things that are remaining ‘undone’

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Following Your Bliss & U-Turns

The following segment from Tom Freston’s 2007 commencement speech to the graduates at Emerson College contains four pieces of wisdom about ‘being in action’ that are timeless. This man built MTV and Viacom’s cable empire, was fired by chairman Sumner Redstone, accepted a $60 million severage package and is now helping Oprah build her new TV network while you travels to Afghanistan, Burma, Rwanda and beyond and works with Bono to reduce global poverty and AIDS. 


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People and Places

By Jim Selman | Bio

I am coming to the conclusion that I am a travel-aholic.  Like most ‘isms’, travelaholism is the product of thinking we control something that we don’t control and, therefore, are controlled by it. One of the primary symptoms of an ‘ism’ is that we say we want to change something—usually our behavior—but continue in whatever pattern it is that we want to change. I protest that I am traveling too much, while at the same time filling in my calendar with airports and connections and hotels around the world. So far this year I have been to Buenos Aires, Geneva, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Paris, Amsterdam and am on my way to Tanzania before leaving for New Zealand, the Ukraine and New York City. While this may sound exotic, I rarely have time to fully appreciate the uniqueness of these far-flung locations.

It is also true that I love my work and am very happy and engaged when I am speaking with people in different cultures. The more I travel to different parts of the world, the more I appreciate that the ‘human family’ are pretty much all in the same conversations and have the same concerns. While the languages and the scenery may vary, we are more alike than we are different.

I am also always a little amazed by how informed and current people are about events and politics

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Booking Travel Online

Even though online travel sales are growing, fewer people are actually booking their trips online. According to a recent report from eMarketer, online travel sites are directing customers back to offline travel agents. This represents a complete turnaround in consumer trends during the past decade, but not a complete surprise. Dissatisfaction with online booking engines and tools that are not user-friendly has driven customers to return traditional travel agencies or to turn to new online competitors

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Aches & Pains II

By Marilyn Hay

This is the second post in a two-part series.

Changes and adaptations to my arthritis didn’t end with learning to manage pain or finding new and fulfilling things to do at home. I could no longer manage the spiral staircase where I was living—I came close to falling enough times that it scared me. And the long, brutally cold winters in Winnipeg brought even more constant, relentless pain. I couldn’t bend well enough to get boots on, so was often confined indoors, unable to negotiate the snow. The idea of house-hunting was exhausting and I really didn’t know where to begin looking. I just knew I needed somewhere that wouldn’t get as cold in the winter and, hopefully, wouldn’t have as much snow.

just as I decided I needed to move, friends discovered a new adult
housing development being built in British Columbia, so I didn’t need
to do any house-hunting. I bought a unit online and I’ve lived here for
over two years now. I live in a bungalow now, so no stairs to worry
about. In spite of the fact that the prolonged winter rains and damp
aggravate my joints, I love it. At least I

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