The Importance of Sandcastles

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Friends and family have been stressing the importance of taking vacations with me for years. I have somewhat deliberately avoided the conversation as much as possible until now. End result: a lifetime of little travel, lots of work and limited ‘fun’. All work and no play makes for a dull life. I’ve been beginning to wonder if perhaps I am afraid of taking vacations…for every time I think about it, my concerns about all the things that are remaining ‘undone’ while I’m away ‘at play’ loom larger and larger. Yet I watch people around me taking time off throughout the year (anywhere from a few days to several weeks to months at a time) to go on pilgrimages, to make sandcastles at the beach, to idle away time doing nothing in particular, and they don’t seem to be suffering at all. In fact, they seem to prosper for taking time off to rejuvenate.

So I’m going to break my mule-like habit of grinding on through the summer and take next week off. That means idle time away with no work-oriented mindset. I’ve scheduled a couple of posts to go live on this blog during the week…and will return in September. My intention: to follow all that good advice and rejuvenate myself before summer disappears.

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