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Following Your Bliss & U-Turns

The following segment from Tom Freston’s 2007 commencement speech to the graduates at Emerson College contains four pieces of wisdom about ‘being in action’ that are timeless. This man built MTV and Viacom’s cable empire, was fired by chairman Sumner Redstone, accepted a $60 million severage package and is now helping Oprah build her new TV network while you travels to Afghanistan, Burma, Rwanda and beyond and works with Bono to reduce global poverty and AIDS. 


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By Shae Hadden | Bio

In the busyness of mid-life career pursuits, we can easily find ourselves letting relationships slide. In no time at all, it seems years have gone by, we’ve lost touch with dear friends from near and far, and forgotten the lure of long-promised adventures we were going to share. A recent NY Times article about Elizabeth Goodyear, a centenarian confined to her one-bedroom

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Life and Work

By Rick Fullerton | Bio

week I began a new job. In itself, this is not remarkable; people
change jobs as a regular occurrence, whether as a result of individual
initiative or organizational circumstance. For me, this latest career
move serves as a stimulus to reflect on my commitments and priorities
and how these evolve over time.

Early in my career, I was
energetic, curious and ambitious. I had student debts to pay, a family
to support, and the aspiration of home ownership. At

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By Dr. Anne Marie Evers

During my business lifetime, I have had many careers—everything
from school secretary, waitress and restaurant owner to author, legal
secretary and promotion director. I was also a realtor, both in Canada
and the United States. When I retired from the real estate profession
after more than 20 years, butterflies started flying around in my
stomach. Instead of giving in to my fears, I said, “Stop. Listen up,
self. I have worked all

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