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7 Reasons Why Elders Make Great Lovers (and have better sex)

By Jim Selman | Bio

There is an old joke that says, “Sex after 60 is better than ever, but the mounting and dismounting aren’t so pretty.” If you’re laughing, you know what I’m talking about. If not, you’re still young enough to have something to look forward to. I attended a conference recently featuring Steve Pavlina, the number one blogger on personal development. The topic was about expanding traffic to your blog and one of his ideas was to write about something ‘timeless’, something that lots of people have in common and that breaks the mold of everyone’s expectations. Well, my writing has been about transforming our notions of growing older and to encourage intergenerational dialogue, so what better topic to muse on than SEX.

I know it’s kind of weird to think about our parents and grandparents ‘doing it’, but the fact is that they do. We just tend to avoid discussing that it happens among our Elders. While Elders are usually older than we are, that’s not always the case. In some cultures, the young are the Elders, since they are more connected to what is important to the community than the old. As I have been saying on this blog for the last few years, we need to get real and be open across

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Letting Love In

By Jim Selman | Bio

For years I have thought that we should put a lot more effort into learning how to receive. I grew up with the idea that it is “better to give than receive” and have tried to live by that maxim to the best of my ability. This is not to say there haven’t been plenty of selfish moments along the way. But I am not talking about being selfish. I am talking about the value of being truly open to receiving what others wish to give—and not just material gifts—also things

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Giving and Getting

By Jim Selman | Bio

We’re in the middle of the holiday season and, from all reports, we’re buying a lot less ‘stuff’. Yet from where I am sitting, it looks like there is a lot more ‘giving’. I see and hear about more ‘charity’—from giving some paper money to the homeless man we pass everyday to my father’s adopting an out-of-work mother and three children who are members of his church community. A lot of people seem to be generally nicer to each other, which is a wonderful gift anytime.

I suppose you can attribute this kind of mood-shift to the increasingly tough times and say it is just an anomaly of people pulling together in a crisis. On the other hand, however, consider that all this “economic meltdown” news and conversation may be just symptomatic of something much deeper and profound. I think this is the ‘wake up call’ that reminds us how interconnected we all are and that none of us is going to ‘make it through’ this economic storm alone.


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By Shae Hadden | Bio

In the busyness of mid-life career pursuits, we can easily find ourselves letting relationships slide. In no time at all, it seems years have gone by, we’ve lost touch with dear friends from near and far, and forgotten the lure of long-promised adventures we were going to share. A recent NY Times article about Elizabeth Goodyear, a centenarian confined to her one-bedroom

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The Most

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Words of wisdom from a dear ‘younger’ friend:

The greatest problem to overcome: Fear

The most destructive habit: Worry

The most damaging attitude: Resentment

The most satisfying work: Helping Others

The greatest "shot in the arm": Encouragement

The most powerful force in life: Love  

The worst thing to be without: Hope  

The two most power-filled words: “I Can"  

The greatest asset: Faith

The most prized possession: Integrity  


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Wake-Up Call to Spontaneous Giving

By Rick Fullerton | Bio

I’m in love (or at least infatuated) with an amazing young woman.
She is in her 20s, about the same age as my youngest daughter.  I just
met her last Friday, and we are having lunch this week. Let me explain
how this unfolded and why it is so exciting!

For several years,
I have been an adjunct professor in the faculty of management at a
local university, where I teach graduate courses in human resources and
management skills. This work is very rewarding,

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