By Dr. Anne Marie Evers

During my business lifetime, I have had many careers—everything
from school secretary, waitress and restaurant owner to author, legal
secretary and promotion director. I was also a realtor, both in Canada
and the United States. When I retired from the real estate profession
after more than 20 years, butterflies started flying around in my
stomach. Instead of giving in to my fears, I said, “Stop. Listen up,
self. I have worked all my life. I’m entitled to some relaxation and
enjoyment. I give myself permission to do whatever I choose.”

Since my retirement from real estate, I have been very busy doing
what I love to do—writing my Affirmation books, monthly newsletters and
columns, counselling, teaching seminars, and conducting workshops on
the power of Affirmations. I have also completed my ministerial
studies. I make numerous guest appearances on radio and television
shows. I thoroughly enjoy visiting, writing, meditating, walking,
playing, laughing, reading, and travelling. I can also take advantage
of doing absolutely nothing and having fun!

“We are not what we do. If we are what we do, when we don’t, we aren’t.”
—Wayne Dyer

Sometimes we identify with what we do. Being too attached to that
identity can make it difficult for us to find another purpose later in
life. If I had seen myself as a realtor when I retired, I would have
lost that identity when I retired or if I had not been able to do my
job for any reason. I think it’s better to say, “I am Anne Marie and I
am in the real estate profession.” This way, I am identifying with
myself as a person, not a realtor.

When I retired, I chose to share all the ideas, experiences,
business and marketing plans and expertise with anyone who chooses to
use it to benefit or further their business, career, life and growing
process. I know that when good, positive, constructive ideas are
lovingly released into the Universe, anyone may tap into that
information and benefit accordingly.

So now I am choosing to be Anne Marie—mother, author, lecturer, teacher and friend.