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Tending the Earth, Sharing the Garden

By Shae Hadden

This spring, seniors and students of Richmond, British Columbia are coming together again in the garden on Richmond High School’s property. Seniors who live in the high-density housing around the city centre started the Community Garden in the same plot of land that the High School had used for its garden in previous years. Working in the same space, they have created the beginnings of intergenerational relationships with students of the Fit for Life and Pre-Employment

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Eldering Report

By Kevin Brown | Bio

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting with a local group of leaders that were actively engaged in Eldering activities in the heart of Calgary Alberta, Canada.  I was fortunate in that one of those leaders, my Uncle George Hopkins (a gentleman who really espouses the Eldering Principles), shared with me the contribution a group of seniors are making within their community.

George is currently active with a group of elder leaders in his community bringing together seniors

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Youth Solidarity

Technology is bringing the youth of Detroit and Palestine together in conversation. Young media makers in Palestine and youth from communities of color in Michigan engaged in parallel workshops that introduced digital stories, music videos and murals. A recent videoconference held during the Allied Media Conference in Detroit linked the two groups of young people and allowed them to share stories about their lives, how they feel about how they as a group are perceived, and the daily struggles

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I don’t know if you saw Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, but it was extraordinary. While the skeptics might say she was stumping for the vice presidency or simply doing the expected, the fact is that she is a pro and spoke with dignity and, in my judgment, was sincere and even more magnanimous that the occasion required. She recounted the Democratic values and the distinction between liberal and conservative politics today. More than I recall at any time during her campaign, she spoke

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The Most

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Words of wisdom from a dear ‘younger’ friend:

The greatest problem to overcome: Fear

The most destructive habit: Worry

The most damaging attitude: Resentment

The most satisfying work: Helping Others

The greatest "shot in the arm": Encouragement

The most powerful force in life: Love  

The worst thing to be without: Hope  

The two most power-filled words: “I Can"  

The greatest asset: Faith

The most prized possession: Integrity  


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Riverboats and Bone Yards V

By Stu Whitley

This is the fifth post in a five-part series.

Is there any joy to be found in sadness? I believe there is.

Sadness is almost always about loss. If we are able to examine in a
serious way the nature of that loss, I think we would find a validation
of what we took to be good. In other words, sadness can be a
reaffirmation of the virtues we hold dear. This can be a bit tricky
though. For example, if one regrets the passage of youth for its own
sake, enormous and ultimately futile effort is needed to ignore the

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