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Compassion for the Leader

By Jim Selman | Bio

It is interesting reading the Buenos Aires Herald this week. It is a 130-year-old newspaper written in English filled with Argentinian issues and perspectives on topics often having to do with what’s going on in the USA. There have been two or three articles a day about the new Administration.

One thing that seems to be showing up (and that I suspect is true in the North American press as well) is that the pundits are now falling into the ‘spectator mode’ and starting

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Youth Solidarity

Technology is bringing the youth of Detroit and Palestine together in conversation. Young media makers in Palestine and youth from communities of color in Michigan engaged in parallel workshops that introduced digital stories, music videos and murals. A recent videoconference held during the Allied Media Conference in Detroit linked the two groups of young people and allowed them to share stories about their lives, how they feel about how they as a group are perceived, and the daily struggles

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