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Experiencing Pain

Women and men experience pain differently. Recent studies reveal that women, when compared to men, experience:

  • more recurrent, severe and longer lasting pain
  • 50% higher rates of pain in head, neck, shoulder, knee and back
  • twice as likely to experience orofacial pain
  • 150% higher rates of migraine headaches
  • 4 times as likely to experience fibromyalgia
  • up to age 65, more likely to experience pain in multiple regions in the body

Men, on the other hand, experience higher rates of multiple painful conditions, including cluster
headaches, coronary heart disease, gout, duodenal
ulcers and pancreatic disease.

Why the differences?

First, our physiology and our sex hormones differ. Scientists don’t know exactly how androgens and estrogens influence how we perceive pain, but they do know that these hormones

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By Adrienne Sharp

We are happy to welcome guest blogger Adrienne Sharp to Serene Ambition. Adrienne has over 20 years experience as a producer/writer/director for numerous
broadcast and corporate clients, including The Discovery Channel/CTV, CBC, TSN,
Bravo, Magna International, Canon, Pepsi, IBM and Pioneer Electronics. Her credits
include over 900 successful video productions for sales conferences, tradeshows
and internal

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Baby Boomer or Boomer Babe?

By Marilyn Kentz

Last year’s announcement that actress Demi Moore wed young actor
Ashton Kutcher hardly raised an eyebrow, as it would have twenty, or
even ten, years ago. Hollywood celebrities often lead the way when it
comes to national trends, and one trend is becoming increasingly
obvious: women over forty no longer consider themselves “over the hill”.

Whether the rest of the world is on board is a matter of personal
attitude. It’s not about trying to sex it up for some

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International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day—a day to celebrate the political,
social and economic achievements of women around the world, a day to
promote political and human rights in countries where violence and
inequity still make life a struggle for women, and, in an increasing
number of countries, a day to express love and sympathy to the women in
your life. The theme for 2007 is “Ending Impunity for Violence against
Women and Girls”.

concept of an IWD was established in 1910 at

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