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Experiencing Pain

Women and men experience pain differently. Recent studies reveal that women, when compared to men, experience:

  • more recurrent, severe and longer lasting pain
  • 50% higher rates of pain in head, neck, shoulder, knee and back
  • twice as likely to experience orofacial pain
  • 150% higher rates of migraine headaches
  • 4 times as likely to experience fibromyalgia
  • up to age 65, more likely to experience pain in multiple regions in the body

Men, on the other hand, experience higher rates of multiple painful conditions, including cluster
headaches, coronary heart disease, gout, duodenal
ulcers and pancreatic disease.

Why the differences?

First, our physiology and our sex hormones differ. Scientists don’t know exactly how androgens and estrogens influence how we perceive pain, but they do know that these hormones

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By Stu Whitley | Bio

No voice divine the storm allay’d,
No light propitious shone;
When snatch’d from all effectual aid,
We perish’d, each alone:
But I beneath a rougher sea,
And whelm’d in deeper gulphs than he
-William Cowper, The Castaway

are probably more things at work in the human mind than we will ever
know. Too often the turmoil we confront in our daily lives gets the
better of
us, and we succumb to a depressed state for a day, a month, or

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