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Link Up, Tune In, Co-Create

By George Por | Blog of Collective Intelligence

Yes!! “Let’s clean up the mess before we die” is the most concise and energizing way to say that we got one more chance to make a difference for a better world. But how can we clean up, in the next few decades, a “mess” produced by the millennia of scarcity, humans treating one another less than equals, unnecessary suffering caused by unwise social systems?

Whether we can or can’t, our best bet is in recognizing that the job of evolutionary janitors is not ours alone. It’s only the multigenerational alliances of pioneers of the change that we need, which will have all the collective intelligence, wisdom, and passion needed to clean up the mess.

What occurred to me is that when I was younger, my ‘work’ or the cause I was working for was something that I was attached to. I mean ‘attached to’

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Passion and Purpose II

By Jim Selman | Bio

I’ve been thinking about why I’m not generating the kind of passion and purpose that I have had in the past. What occurred to me is that when I was younger, my ‘work’ or the cause I was working for was something that I was attached to. I mean ‘attached to’ in the sense that my point of view at the time seemed to be ‘the’ way or ‘the’ truth and, with all the energy and confidence of youth, I charged the barricades and felt empowered and inspired by

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Passion and Purpose

By Jim Selman | Bio

I was working on the design of a course the other day and musing about what would someone in my circumstances want to ‘get’ from a workshop about ‘designing the rest of my life’. When I began to think about it, I realized I’m happy and okay financially. I have lots of friends and family and experience lots of love. I am still engaged in my career and have numerous outlets for my creative impulses. All in all, I can’t think of much that I want that I don’t have

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Baby Boomer or Boomer Babe?

By Marilyn Kentz

Last year’s announcement that actress Demi Moore wed young actor
Ashton Kutcher hardly raised an eyebrow, as it would have twenty, or
even ten, years ago. Hollywood celebrities often lead the way when it
comes to national trends, and one trend is becoming increasingly
obvious: women over forty no longer consider themselves “over the hill”.

Whether the rest of the world is on board is a matter of personal
attitude. It’s not about trying to sex it up for some

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Beauty is a Journey

By Lilly Page

As I continue to follow my passion, helping people ‘feel’ beautiful, I’ve come to notice that beauty and self-image are one and the same. The journey to real beauty is an interesting path of self-appreciation.

women and men ask for my help to ‘look’ more beautiful. These
individuals have often felt a prompting to change their behavior, even
more so than their look. They are beginning to see the possibilities in
themselves and just need a little encouragement to ‘be’ themselves, to
fully express who they are. Whether they receive an image make-over as
a gift or whether they ‘gift’ themselves, the inspiration usually comes
from a

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