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Climate Change: Take Action Canada!

Canada is lagging behind other nations when it comes to addressing climate change. Our country produces less than 1% of its energy from renewable
sources like wind and solar power and only employs a few thousand people. The U.S. is now investing 6x more person to build a clean-energy economy and ‘green’ jobs. And we emit 2 to 3 times more global warming pollution per person than most European countries.

Canadians can help stop climate change by speaking up. Call Prime Minister Stephen

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Learning and Environmental Choices

By Rick Fullerton | Bio

I continue to be struck by the environmental challenges facing planet earth. With signs of increasing public awareness about the deepening climate crisis, it is gratifying to sense a noticeable shift taking place in my own and others’ behaviour. For instance, I see more and more people supporting recycling programs, choosing Energy Star appliances, and driving fuel efficient cars. And we change our light bulbs! Yet is it enough?

At best, such actions represent well-intentioned

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Elders and the Environment – Part 2

By Shae Hadden

According to Dr. David Suzuki, “it is not progress to use up the rightful legacy of our children and grandchildren.” He opened the first Elders and the Environment Forum on Monday in Vancouver, Canada with a keynote address that focused on the role of elders in the environmental movement and how we can make a difference:

  • Tell it like it is, find our voice and speak out
  • Tell us all what is possible and keep us fixed on creating the future
  • Remind younger generations that true wealth

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Global Warning

Nope, the name of this post is not a misspelling. I mean warning! I wonder…when does a ignoring a dire warning become denial? When does someone hearing, “You are drinking too much” become an alcoholic? As someone who has had my fair share of after work drinking and after dinner toasts, I can tell you that you never know you are in denial when you are in denial. If enough people suggest there may be a problem, then the only way to know if there is a problem is to assume they are right. If

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