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Clean Energy Week

The National Coalition of Organizations has declared February 1-5, 2010 to be Clean Energy Week, as organizations from across the U.S. hold a variety of events to encourage and support the passage of clean energy and climate policies now pending in Congress. The objective is to engage the Administration and Congress in taking action on the top environmental and economic priorities of the American people:

  • Climate
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency.

Check out the wide range

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Toward a Brighter Future

It’s easy to get involved in the fight against climate change. You can start by measuring your climate impact and then managing your environmental footprint. Brighter Planet allows you to watch your carbon footprint with an online tool assessment that prompts you to answer questions, and a sophisticated emissions model tells you what your footprint is. You can watch it change over time as you learn to live a more carbon-free life.

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Climate Change: Take Action Canada!

Canada is lagging behind other nations when it comes to addressing climate change. Our country produces less than 1% of its energy from renewable
sources like wind and solar power and only employs a few thousand people. The U.S. is now investing 6x more person to build a clean-energy economy and ‘green’ jobs. And we emit 2 to 3 times more global warming pollution per person than most European countries.

Canadians can help stop climate change by speaking up. Call Prime Minister Stephen

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Global Warming & Our Commitment to the Future

By Rick Fullerton | Bio

Recently, I have been focusing more and more of my attention on
global warming and, in turn, on understanding my own reactions and responses to
what’s happening. The results so far have been both fascinating and

One aspect of the global warming conversation involves the role
of the media in reporting scientific evidence and projections regarding the
effects of carbon dioxide in heating the planet. In particular, I have learned
about the disproportionate

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Transforming the Trends

By Jim Selman | Bio

I was sent this extraordinary video produced by the AARP communicating in a simple and straightforward way that if we don’t change the direction we’re going, we’re apt to end up there. It is one of a number of dire predictions about our common future. Yesterday, Al Gore declared climate change irreversible and challenged all of us to transcend short-term concerns and agendas and unite with the world in dealing with this looming calamity. There is so much bad news about

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Poznan: A Change of Climate

A year ago, we were focused on Bali as 184 nations gathered to discuss the Kyoto Protocol. From December 1st to 12th this year, we are now looking to the gathering of over 10,000 delegates and staff from 190 countries in Poznan, Poland at the 14th session of the Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change
Convention (COP 14). This event, held in conjunction with the 4th Conference
of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto
Protocol (CMP 4), continues

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Global Warning

Nope, the name of this post is not a misspelling. I mean warning! I wonder…when does a ignoring a dire warning become denial? When does someone hearing, “You are drinking too much” become an alcoholic? As someone who has had my fair share of after work drinking and after dinner toasts, I can tell you that you never know you are in denial when you are in denial. If enough people suggest there may be a problem, then the only way to know if there is a problem is to assume they are right. If

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