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12-Step Program for America: Step 4

By Jim Selman | Bio

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We’ve been drawing an analogy between the state of affairs in the governance of our country and the various kinds of addictive conditions we face as individuals. Specifically, we’ve been saying the ‘system’ is broken, we’re out of control and we need to find something larger than the political gridlock driven by special and self-interest groups we’re witnessing in Washington.

In watching the final hours of the healthcare debate, I was heartened when one

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Climate Change: Take Action Canada!

Canada is lagging behind other nations when it comes to addressing climate change. Our country produces less than 1% of its energy from renewable
sources like wind and solar power and only employs a few thousand people. The U.S. is now investing 6x more person to build a clean-energy economy and ‘green’ jobs. And we emit 2 to 3 times more global warming pollution per person than most European countries.

Canadians can help stop climate change by speaking up. Call Prime Minister Stephen

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Poverty or Pension?

Many retirees these days are revisiting their retirement and pension plans to see if they’ll have enough funds to weather the global recession. In Canada, 35% of seniors receive the federal Guaranteed Income Supplement benefit, which ensures that individuals receive a minimum annual income (including Old Age Security benefits) of at least $13,683. This level is still below the level set by the government as the deemed poverty level ($15,336 for 2008). CARP is now proposing that the government

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