Redesigning the World: Listening to Youth

By Shae Hadden

Jennifer Correiro, executive director of TakingITGlobal, sent me an update of her activities at Davos last week. As a Young Global Leader, she has been involved in an initiative to bring recommendations from teenagers in over 20 countries to the Global Redesign Initiative of the World Economic Forum. More than 2,000 people between 8 and 25 took part in an online forum or attended one of 30 town hall meetings during the past six months to share their perspective on issues from healthcare and climate change to gender parity, job creation and water scarcity. Key suggestions in the report presented on January 27th at Davos were:

  • Direct more resources to teaching skills (from marketable trades to entrepreneurship) to strengthen economies around the world
  • Allocate more resources to preventive healthcare
  • Ensure water cannot be polluted as an act of warfare to address health and global security.

The young people presenting the report have asked that World Economic Forum leaders acknowledge and respond to their report before the next Forum in Tanzania in May. The report is being distributed to members of the Global Agenda Councils, so that it may be taken into consideration as they develop multi-stakeholder initiatives and alliances to respond to key global challenges. Council members are being asked to respond with video presentations that can be shared with the youth who participated in the initiative.