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Understanding Money as Debt

There are innumerable expert opinions available these days about solutions to our current economic crisis. But are those solutions just band-aid solutions? How did we get here? What is money at its root? What are the problems with interest?

Money As Debt offers a different perspective on the basic principles of the current financial system. Watch the full 80-minute Promises Unleashed series online to better understand the historical

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Love in Truth

The Pope’s Love in Truth, his third letter to the bishops of the world, is written in the context of the current global economic crisis. The Pope views the current crisis as an opportunity for us to discern and to create a new vision for our future. In his latest encyclical, he doesn’t focus on specific systems of economics or reconstructing the global economy. Instead, he reminds us that our markets are shaped by our culture, and that it is up to us to focus on the common good

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