Connecting with Djibouti

A reminder to join Kathryn Mahoney, UNHCR public information officer
in Djibouti, tomorrow for a live Twitter Q&A session. Kathryn is
from New York and has been working in Djibouti assisting and protecting
refugees since May 2009. Send in your questions to her by email ([email protected]) in advance, or if
you use Twitters, send a tweet and add the ‘#askunhcr’ hashtag. In North
America, the event will run:

2 pm EST
1 pm CST
12 noon MST
am PST

Read our post about Somali refugees in Djibouti.

you or your organization are interested in contributing time or
resources to the process of empowering the Somali refugees living in
Djibouti, please visit
and join UNHCR’s campaign to send them 2,600 much needed tents.