Buying Smart

Finding safe, healthy and green products is all the rage today. Considering a lot of our weekly spending goes to food, personal care and household products, it would be great to be able to learn more about what we really are investing in and get expert advice on what are the best buys from a green perspective. We came across a website worth using called GoodGuide. On it, you can search for over 70,000 products, create your own "Favorites"

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Canada’s Call for Pension Reform

The C.D. Howe Institute recently released their recommendations on how to break the deadlock in the Canadian pension system. With many citizens not saving enough for retirement, provinces, lobby groups and retirement gurus alike are looking to increase tax-deferred saving, improve access to good retirement saving plans, and modernize the rules governing
retirement income. The federal and provincial governments have committed to finalize their options by May after nation-wide public consultations.

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Traveling is a Game

By Lauren Selman and Tina Hittenberger  | Bio

One of the most inspiring things here [at the Olympics in Vancouver] is the sustained camaraderie of ALL the athletes.We have been here eleven days and the demonstration of humanity has not waivered once. I am continuously stunned by the respect, courtesy and admiration that transcends national boundaries, religious differences and historic animosities. This code of sportsmanship and honor encompasses more than just the

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The Geezer’s Crusade

By Jim Selman | Bio

David Brooks wrote a very compelling New York Times op ed piece called “The Geezer’s Crusade”. His point was that the elders in our society hold the future for everyone in their hands (so to speak).  Since 1980 when I was serving on the California Commission on Aging, one of my biggest concerns has been that, as a society, we are turning older people into constituents competing

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Breakups and Broken Hearts

By Jim Selman | Bio

There are two kinds of break-ups. The ‘soft’ breakup is where both parties in a relationship more or less stay in communication and talk about their differences, their discontent or their changing needs until they arrive at a conclusion that “This just isn’t working” and agree to go their separate ways. Sometimes they remain friends. In any case, this kind of mature and honest ending allows both parties to let go of past expectations or disappointments, eventually

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Love Personified

By Shae Hadden

In honor of Valentine’s Day….

Love is.

Regardless of what life presents,
this Love moves with grace through
time and space,
disclosing through thoughts and
the essence of what is
and who we really are,
embracing it all
wholeheartedly with acceptance and

The boundaries of Love 
are undefined,

Love is

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