Holiday Travels & H1N1

Here are some helpful tips for travelling this holiday season:

Review international policies. Some countries do screenings and exams at airports, and can quarantine passengers in a hospital or hotel chosen by the government for up to 7 days. Around the holidays, screening procedures (including filling out questionnaires and having your temperature taken) could cause significant delays. At the moment, neither the U.S. nor Canada screen incoming travellers

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Trashing Tiger

By Jim Selman | Bio

I have not spent any time at all reading, watching or listening to the media about what are euphemistically referred to as Tiger Wood’s “transgressions”. I haven’t had to: it seems to be on every channel, and the ‘talk of the town’ wherever I go. Whatever the pain and anguish this is causing him and his family, it is disgusting for our voyeuristic nation to be so fixated on what, at the end of the day, have been human foibles for centuries and are commonplace in many parts of the world. I know that celebrity-watching is becoming a growth industry, but have we ever considered why?

We seem to put our heroes on pedestals one day and then begin to systematically destroy them the next.  None of us are Saints. If we don’t keep our agreements and commitments, we will pay the consequences. But we should be relating to this and stories like it with at least some compassion, rather than self-righteously deciding who is the villain and who is the victim and dramatizing what already is a tragedy into a public spectacle.

I understand that public figures must

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