Youthful Idealism and Boomer Resignation: Two Sides of the Same Coin

By Jim Selman | Bio

There was a wonderful article in USA Today by our new First Lady extolling the importance of ‘youthful idealism’ in these uncertain times. I couldn’t agree with her more and am happy to see her taking on this kind of generational motivation as part of her platform on behalf of the new Administration. Her call brings to mind JFK’s challenge to our generation: “Ask

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Age is No Excuse

Richard and Louise Guy, a couple in their 90s who live in Calgary, Alberta will be celebrating this Earth Day by climbing the 802 steps of the Calgary Tower. These 91 and 92-year-old participants in the annual Alberta Wildnerness Association’s fundraiser (the Climb and Run for Wilderness) will be honoured by the organization this year with the establishment of the Richard Guy Award for Most Climbs by a Senior Male. Read more about their inspirational story.

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