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Serve America Act: Request for Public Input

Now that the Serve America Act has been passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, the Corporation for National and Community Service is looking for public input on how to:

  • Attract people of all ages to serve
  • Promote more service
    programs focused on education, healthy futures, clean energy, veterans
    and economic opportunity
  • Stimulate new partnerships, both within the
    government sector and with businesses and foundations, for greater impact
  • Identify and nurture new programs that can host additional AmeriCorps slots
  • Better demonstrate impact
  • Preserve the diversity of
    programs and the localized nature of solutions
  • Implement the Serve America Fellows, Encore Fellows and Silver Scholarship programs

They are holding public sessions in which people who sign up can speak. Sign up for a session by clicking a link below.

May 20th – Washington DC

May 22 – Boston

May 27 – Salt Lake City

May 28 – New Orleans

If you cannot attend, you can email your comments to [email protected],

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Youthful Idealism and Boomer Resignation: Two Sides of the Same Coin

By Jim Selman | Bio

There was a wonderful article in USA Today by our new First Lady extolling the importance of ‘youthful idealism’ in these uncertain times. I couldn’t agree with her more and am happy to see her taking on this kind of generational motivation as part of her platform on behalf of the new Administration. Her call brings to mind JFK’s challenge to our generation: “Ask

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Serve America

What made America strong in the past (citizens actively helping their neighbours) could possibly make America strong again. There is a bill moving through the Congress, the Hatch-Kennedy
Serve America Act, that is bringing Republicans and Democrats together.
The Act puts a whole new perspective on national and community service: government
would provide infrastructure support to community groups recruiting and
training volunteers. This has the potential

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