Overwhelming Choice

By Rick Fullerton
| Bio

What fascinates me most at the moment is my increasing interest in ‘everything’. Where in decades past I was consumed by my job, my family, or my professional pursuits, it seems now that my attention is drawn to all manner of things. As a result, I am considering how I make appropriate choices.

On reflection, I see several factors that contribute to this expanding range of interests:

  • As a self-employed and seasoned professional, much of my time is unstructured
  • The more I learn, the more I see connections and linkages with other areas
  • Being encouraged to live ‘in the moment’ legitimizes attending to whatever is present
  • I have earned the right to pursue “what interests me”, not what I should do  
  • Media and technology constantly remind me of new and important areas to explore
  • The clock is ticking.

for me (as for others), life occurs as this continuing stream of
experiences where we respond to what shows up for us and what interests
us moment to moment within the structures we find ourselves. The
challenge, it seems, is to gain a different perspective and
relationship with what’s happening.

To complicate things
further, along with the barrage of information and options

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