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Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

By Jim Selman | Bio

This week is the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.
Can you believe it? It seems not so long ago that we were all about “peace,
love and music”—a generation that was going to change the world. And in many
ways we did! In CBS’s Sunday Morning
retrospective on Woodstock, the theme came through that the ‘spirit’ of that
memorable event lives on in our children at outdoor

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Energy as a Way of Life III

By Charles E. Smith | Bio

During the second year in my transition from a static world to an
energetic-based point of view, I took a training program with a Mexican
teacher, Victor Sanchez, who had studied and lived with the Toltec
Indians in northern Mexico. Victor had developed a coherent conceptual
framework that was very much based on energy. Lorin Smith didn’t have a
lot of explanation for what he did. He just did it, and I saw that he
was working with

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