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Social Networks: Ending Isolation

Earlier this month, the NY Times reported that researchers are now looking into the possible benefits of older people joining social networks. With one third of people over 75 living alone (according to a 2009 AARP study), the National Institute on Aging will be awarding $10 million in grants to explore "social neuroscience and its effect on aging". According to comScore, a media measurement

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Care for the Caregivers

By Kevin Brown | Bio

In last week’s post, I defined a Caregiver as “any individual who willingly gives of themselves to improve the quality of life for another individual.” There are times when the responsibility of providing care weighs heavy upon Caregivers. When this giving of self, especially when it occurs over prolonged periods, leaves the Caregiver drained of energy and in need of care themselves, it is time to take a step back and look at what one’s own needs are.

So what can Caregivers

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