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Why do we procrastinate?


It’s a bit more than a week into the new year and I am already behind on all the things I was going to get done during the post-holiday lull. I am procrastinating. As with many of my less agreeable habits, I decided to do a workshop on the subject for a European client late last year. The overarching question of why we procrastinate was framed a bit more specifically as “Why don’t we do the things we KNOW we need to do to accomplish what we SAY we want to accomplish?” The correlation

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Focus and Time

By Shae Hadden | Bio

What we do with our time seems to be an ongoing topic of interest for many. Popular belief says we need to balance time for ‘work’ and ‘life’. Innumerable authors and experts have invented tools and techniques for us to ‘manage’ our time. Common sense says that procrastination occurs when we ‘waste’ time doing nothing or doing things other than what we say we’re going to do. More experts have written about how we can get

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Wasting Time

I am not sure it’s possible to waste time. It is possible to spend time, and waste is always a judgement relative to some standard or expectation of what we should be doing with our time.

We can use time to do things that we judge as having maximum or high value. When we are really up against a deadline and there is more to do than we think can be done in the time allotted, we can even somehow create time.

Yet, there are many times when I just don’t feel like doing whatever it is I think I

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