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Growth Too (Continued)

Here is what I call the ‘Eldering Consumer Checklist’ in this new marketplace. Actually it is a checklist for all consumers—it just comes more naturally as we get older and start living on a fixed (finite) income. We can take it with us and ask these questions before we spend a nickel on anything.

  1. Is this something I need? (As in, will I suffer without this?)
  2. Will I need this in the future? (Does this have continuing value?)
  3. Does the production of this item (or service) harm or potentially harm others?
  4. Does my consuming this contribute to our collective quality of life?
  5. In consuming this, who should I thank? Is there anyone I should apologize to?

“But wait a minute!” you say. “What about all the things I don’t really need but really do want”? My answer is that you still have a choice. But as long as our

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