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AARP Calls Congress to Act Responsibly

Congress is attempting to stop drastic cuts to payments to Medicare
physicians. If approved, the cuts could force more doctors to leave the
system, making it more difficult for older Americans to have access to
healthcare services. Instead of raising Medicare premiums, they are
looking at legislation passed by the House of Representatives that
would reduce excess payments to private insurance plans in Medicare. Full story

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I don’t know that I agree with Crabby Old Lady’s idea to vote out the entire Congress in the bi-annual elections on November 7th. But I sure think we should vote and have our experience and wisdom speak.

I also don’t think we should turn ‘Boomers’ into a one-issue
constituency —“aging issues such as social security, Medicare and so
forth”. We should certainly speak if we having something to say about
those issues, but more importantly, we should be taking responsibility

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