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Multiple Chronic Conditions: Improving Outcomes

According to the Health Council of Canada’s recent report (Canadian Health Care Matters series) on chronic illness care, Canadians with chronic conditions rate their care as "excellent" if their doctor knows their history and helps them coordinate their care. These patients were more likely to:

  • Get recommended for routine tests
  • Receive help in managing their condition
  • Have their medications reviewed
  • Have a nurse involved in their care.

In 2003, Canada set a goal to have 50% of its citizens treated by health care teams (HCTs) by 2011. When people receive support from a coordinated team of professionals (including doctors,

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Elders Creating Communities that Work For Everyone

By Kevin Brown | Bio

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend in San Francisco. It has been over 5 years since I last visited the city, and so I was looking forward to experiencing all that it and its people have to offer. From a tourist perspective, my expectations were met in terms of sightseeing, enjoying the variety of restaurants, and taking in some of the museums and art galleries. On this trip, however, my eye turned to the needy, the homeless, and the many people on the street who appeared

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