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New Beginnings

EI 1016

By Jim Selman | Bio

One of the toughest things we ever learn is to ‘let go’.  I can’ t remember all the times I have made resolutions or tried to ‘reinvent’ myself or start over in one way or another. Every time we end a relationship or a job or some deeply ingrained habit (whether voluntary or involuntary) we must confront the break between the certain past and the possible future. And as far as I know there is no way to create and experience a ‘new’ future

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Letting Go

Letting go is a big part of growing older. If letting go as we age
means experiencing terrible losses to us, then we’ll feel as if
whatever we are attached to is being snatched away as the years pass
by. The key to serenity is to let go voluntarily.

There’s a difference between letting go as a choice and succumbing to
the inevitable. For example, since we can’t do anything about global
warming, we become resigned and decide we might as well let it go—by
which we really

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