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Happy New Year

It’s the last day of the year. It is the time for resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight, be a better person and generally confront all the things we didn’t do last year. I was going through some papers this week and stumbled upon a few of my old ‘lists’ of New Year’s intentions from about 20 years ago. I am a bit embarrassed to say that my list today looks very similar to my list then—more exercise, better diet, more time for reflection and creativity, write my book, and relax.

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Long-Term Commitments

By Rick Fullerton | Bio

On Thanksgiving weekend (the Canadian version that happens in early October), my wife and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with family and friends. Our children—now adults living on their own—arranged everything so all Phyllis and I had to do was arrive at the church hall at the appointed time. For those of you with younger families, there is hope!

In anticipation of this event, we pulled out photographs and other
mementos of our married lives together and recalled our earlier 25-year
milestone celebration. We learned that some of our memorabilia, as well
as an oil painting by our daughter, would be displayed at the
reception. We looked forward to being involved, yet also felt somewhat
out of the loop since others were doing all the preparations.

and I decided we would make our entrance to the festivities

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I had a lot of fun yesterday and last night. It was so much fun, I
wonder why I don’t have this kind of fun all the time. I am
distinguishing between happy and fun here. I am happy most of the time
and enjoy what I am doing, but fun is somehow different. The day was
spent playing golf with my buddies and then we all went to an Italian
cooking school and spent the evening laughing and eating an incredible

what we did isn’t the source of ‘why’ it was fun. I’ve

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