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Kiev: Update

By Jim Selman | Bio

I have enjoyed my short stay in Kiev immensely and am looking forward to more exploring in this part of the world in future. I had the opportunity to have fairly intensive conversations with only 60 or 70 people, representing a reasonable cross-section of the country (from what I can tell). Aside from it being a very different culture (in terms of language, alphabet, history and architecture), it was evident to me that the people of the Ukraine share the same concerns, dreams and issues that we have in our part of the world.

This may be
obvious to anyone who has lived and worked in different cultures around
the world. But for those of us who have not, we sometimes live with the
unchallenged assumption that our differences are larger than our shared
ways of being and our common concerns. For example, much of the success
of European/American enterprise has been based in the power of the
Cartesian Paradigm—the worldview that everything in the ‘objective’

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