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The End of the Beginning


By Jim Selman| Bio

Ah, January 1st, the new beginning and a chance
to finally get it right this year. Or is it?

Perhaps it is the End of the Beginning. When we began as a
nation, we were full of hope and idealism. We believed that every person could
thrive and prosper if they worked hard and learned from their past mistakes.

Today, can we honestly say we believe that hard work will
take us in the direction of our dreams? What happened to us? Where are we

Our current

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An Examined Life

By Jim Selman | Bio

I saw a Canadian documentary film last evening called “An Examined Life” by Astra Taylor. It was a series of ten-minute ‘lecturettes’ by notable intellectuals on a variety of questions, all more or less about the meaning of life and how do we make a difference. Everything was filmed as the speakers walked the streets (mostly in New York), which provided interesting backgrounds and added great value to the production. Unfortunately, the backgrounds often distracted from

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