Safer Internet Day

Today marks the 5th Safer Internet Day. Participation in this annual event has been
steadily growing, and last year over 120
organizations in 56 countries took part in Safer Internet Day
celebrations, organising local, national and pan-European events
ranging from safety sessions in schools and competitions for young
people to public meetings and conferences.

Safer Internet Day promotes safer use of online and mobile technologies (like cell phones), especially among children and young people around

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Is it worth it?

By Jim Selman | Bio

We spend a lot of time contemplating what we want to do with the rest of our lives.  Some of us will die asking the question. We spend years contemplating what we want and what could or might happen and dealing with all sorts of breakdowns and problems that, once solved, would allow us to get on with what we really want to do with our lives—until one day we realize that the breakdowns are our life. How often to we try to figure out the right thing to do or to avoid the

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