Alternative and Complementary Healthcare

By Shae Hadden | Bio

I got a rude awakening today while visiting my family doctor. As I was being guided to the examination room, the medical assistant handed me a brochure explaining that the clinic I go to was now going to offer extended healthcare ‘packages’ to their ‘clients’. The brochure outlined numerous different options to access ‘enhanced’ healthcare services and diagnostics, all for varying annual fees depending upon the complexity and estimated amount of ‘contact’ I could have with medical professionals. What bothered me more than this evidence of the two-tiered nature of the Canadian universal healthcare system was that none of the programs they offered included access to alternative or complementary healthcare. Unfortunately, conventional medicine doesn’t always treat all of our illnesses or alleviate all of our sufferings. Unconventional approaches and treatments have their place in a well-rounded, healthy healthcare system.

Decisions about my health and well-being are the most important choices I have had to make in the past few years. It can be hard for many people to access the healthcare that they need, especially if they are low-income and do not qualify for certain insurances. It is a lucky thing that services such as IEHP are available to inform and assist with programs like Medi-Cal for those who need it otherwise they

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