The Cost of Comfort

By Shae Hadden | Bio

It’s so easy to get ‘comfortable’ with the circumstances of our lives—even when they are uncomfortable or when we can see that they may very likely lead to discomfort. It’s almost natural, sometimes even expected, that we complain about what’s ‘not right’ or ‘not perfect’ in our lives. But complaining (to ourselves or others) doesn’t change anything and we’re left ‘adapting’ ourselves to living with whatever is contributing to our discomfort.

Complaining is like driving down a slippery slope without any brakes—we may experience a nice smooth ride, but it’s very difficult to correct course. That nice, smooth ride may lull us into believing that things will be OK down the road. But the price we pay for this ‘false comfort’ is high: we remain a victim of our circumstances, sliding downhill without any possibility of creating a different future.

Sometimes, we must choose to do what is uncomfortable to make a course correction. Often, that involves stopping what we’re doing, taking time for reflection, and making a clear choice about whether we want to continue being ‘comfortable’ with our discomfort or not.

It’s only by facing our discomfort and owning it that we can free ourselves to move ahead and create our future.