A Happy Thanksgiving Day tribute to all our elder friends in Canada!  

Thanks for the Elders
You have made my life richer.
And you have made me see the world anew
By bringing your perspective to my life.
Grateful am I for every moment of your time,
Every sharing of your wisdom and experience,
Each intention clarified and held,
But more than these…I am honoured to ‘listen’
To who you are and what you stand for.
Without your presence in my life, I would not be
Who I am today.
And I will not become whom I intend to be
Tomorrow without our conversations.
You are Masters of serenity and freedom.
You show me it is possible to balance, to focus,
to act while embracing the chaos of this world.
I see now that the path can be
Walked without suffering…and that we are
As ephemeral as dancing light reflecting
Off a wind-tossed pool, revealing
the essence of the shadow of being
in a shimmering on red-gold brick.
I appreciate that this miraculous dance exists everywhere
Throughout all time. When I am older, may I be blessed with
An opportunity to gracefully bequeath this gift of eldering
To someone—just as you have with me.