By Shae Hadden

Was talking with a close friend this week, and we were both
acknowledging how much we’ve changed over the last few months. Looking
back, it would seem the circumstances of our lives have forced us to
grow, to expand our individual perspectives to encompass all the
challenges life has offered—from critical illnesses and ongoing health
concerns to business changes, relationship transitions and dramatic
encounters with fear and uncertainty.

it’s not really the situations we’ve found ourselves in that have
instigated our growth. Life happens…irrespective of our wants, wishes,
desires, needs. The situations and events of our lives are simply
potential catalysts, opportunities for us to choose.

And it’s who we’ve chosen to be that has empowered us both to
take action that, to others, looks remarkable. Rather than focusing on
ourselves (as we have in the past), we’ve consciously chosen to accept
what is happening and to stand in a place where acceptance of everyone
and everything is the way to be, where the need to resist whatever is
appearing in our lives disappears. We can simply do what we have to do
and, when we’re finished, move on to the next thing.

We allow Life to unfold, to organize itself (as it always does). And, somehow, miraculously, everything works out perfectly.

  • The people who show up in our lives are the right people
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened
  • Whenever something starts is the right time for it to do so and whenever it stops is right also
  • Wherever we find ourselves is the right place for us

Perhaps this new way of being explains why I’m more relaxed, peaceful and satisfied than I’ve ever been before.

Life will happen. When it’s over, it’s over.

In the meantime, I’m grateful for friends who remind me to allow what is to be, and who gently whisper, “This too shall pass.”