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I was having a conversation today with the Board of a not-for-profit organization and one of the participants noted that they “needed to have more younger people” on the Board. I asked “Why?”  Her response was that she was at an age (which I judged to be around 60) when she had a lot of commitments, she needed to keep earning money and just didn’t have as much time and energy to give. She went on to say that younger people had more time, less need for money, and lots more energy

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Slowing Down

I’m back from another week of leadership training and coaching, this
time at the Air Force Academy. What a great group of dedicated people
trying to transform their organizational culture to be more dynamic and
responsive in this rapidly changing world. The trip home was brutal—the
usual pain of getting through security, plus flight delays, lost
luggage and lots of equally distressed travelers helped create a
generally ‘down’ mood

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Golden Years

One of the things I am noticing as I enter what is euphemistically referred to as my Golden Years is that the nature of time seems to mellow and ripen. On one level, the days pass slower, like watching an Oklahoma ‘hawk makin’ lazy circles in the sky’. On the other hand, the days and years seem to have passed in a flash—that only yesterday I was starting a business and driving my kids to school. I guess it just underscores how elastic time can be and that it is all about how well we live

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